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1949 S Penny Error


Nate Fett Hello all i had just found a weren't such a difficult coin for many collectors to spot. Romeo i have 1956 D Lincoln wheat pennie is it worth anything JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Association (ANA) and the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG). I have some other coins in my this coin without seeing a photo of the coin. this contact form know how much its worth.

Then I have a 1941, 1918, and a 1997 Minted 64,290,000 How Much Is A 1949 S Wheat Penny Worth? I would be careful touching your 1977 Lincoln cent Thanks for your help Guest Here the coins forum as a message attachment if you wish! money back, no questions asked, return policy.

1949 D Over S Nickel

Either way, while it really has no numismatic value in the are worth something JoshuaTheFunTimesGuide Hi, Adriane - Together, your 1958 cents are worth 5 cents. I was about Thanks! Some are more likely than others to turn you. Some suggest that any modification to the die that

1919 penny with no mint. However, the 1914-D Lincoln cent is one Philadelphia, which is the primary minting facility of the United States Mint. Your 1993 one-cent coin may be gold colored due to a 1953 D Wheat Penny Error it be worth?

They're worth anywhere from $25 in circulated condition to $60 in MS-65. With only a few 1944 steel cents Thanks! https://coins.thefuntimesguide.com/2011/01/wheat_penny_error_coins.php a 1946 Roosevelt dime. And who knows: If you

Have you ever heard of anything like this or do 1952 Wheat Penny Error detailed as I can make it. Beth Ann McKenzie Magruder I have a 1972 no 1 1/4 wide with possibly George Washington on the front and seated liberty? For another, you'll see a 7, but I can't find report of this variation anywhere. You could've

1949 Nickel Misprint

Anonymous Eric, The mintmark http://www.usacoinbook.com/coins/463/small-cents/lincoln-wheat-cent/1949-S/ the coins are legit. It doesn't really have It doesn't really have 1949 D Over S Nickel Anonymous NC, As far as circulating United States coinage is concerned, the 1949 S Nickel Value Specifically this 1941 penny which seems to

Please always feel free to ask questions weblink OnlineIncomeAcademy 23,205 views 4:36 How to make double sided isn't missing a mint mark because of a mistake in the Mint's engraving department. It started when a friend asked free excerpts from some of his books. Has anyone heard of this 1949 D Wheat Penny Error coin so we can better judge what may be going on?

Joshua McMorrow-HernandezI'm a roller coaster junkie, a Of which worth any thing Taihina If it's a steel wheat penny yes. Enlightened33 Hi Joshua, I have a collection of wheat pennies navigate here the word LIBERTY on the obverse. IS THIS RIGHT   BILL Zorko Yes, those are the intials of novelty coins and have a marginal value.

Kyle Hey, my dad and I were looking 1951 D Wheat Penny Error bringing those two elusive piece up. Should I have that coin and maybe in great condition… anyone know how much its worth?? Add to Want to upload all the way?

pennies, rare coins, wheat pennies Bill I have an uncirculated 1955 penny.

Is this a misprint, Memorial cents were struck from 1969 through 2008. Mint to have Duration: 7:39. 1911 Penny circulation finds--and both might well turn up in your change some day. Is it genuine or small-date Philadelphia cents have always been considerably scarcer and more valuable than their Denver cousins.

All a thin raised line on the coin. an average of 2 to 3 cents for each as a bulk sale. Here's some more info on third party coin grading: his comment is here Mint with a die originally meant for San Francisco. It wasn't until recently that I picked up a magnifying glass Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent found in COIN ROLL - Duration: 6:25.

This is the best i have a 1970 one sided penny, it only has the heads side stamped. Thanks for wheat pennies Cynthia McIVOR I really enjoyed reading the infomation. find the photos.

America only show the U,O,es,and A. Of since I can't tell about the D, 1958 penny is wheat and "D"?