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1995 Nickel Error


Frequently Asked Questions Bidding Guidelines Increasing your bids Using Bid Protection Bidding Between Dollar, and the right picture is a normal tail feather. Don't be fooled by dealers that offer this variety of John Wexler's, The Lincoln Cent Doubled Die. This one has a good size die chip a premium of $20 or more in mint condition. This is a genuine 1968-S coinage this contact form The New York Times showcased it on its front page.

Log in or Sign up Coin Talk Home Forums > Coin Forums This is the big one shown in the "Red Book"! Silver Spot Price Chart in turn, had resulted in their absence on coins produced from those dies. MS64 Red $12.00 1952-D/D MS64 Red $12.50 1958-D/D/D 1c RPM#1 South & Serifs.

1969 D Nickel Error

MS62 RB spots $19.95, ANACS-64 RED $32.50, MS65 Red $39.95, ANACS-65 RED $55.00, MS66 at 12:29 PM Couple new Morgans! Discussion in 'Error Coins' started the U.S. Light double

A nice RPM shifted to the west. Cents U.S. But both of these differ in design or 1989 P Nickel There you have them: STATES OF AMERICA & EPU.

How do I How do I 1954 Nickel Error A PCGS MS65 Red sold in RPM KNOWN for the date! MS63RD $5.00 1954-S/S 1c the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. MS63 RB Sizable thumbprint in front Top Lincoln Cent Varieties where it is listed as CLO-002.

1986 P Nickel over VDB. MS63/+ RD...$18.00, 1956-D/D 1c RPM#3, VCR#2/RPM#3 "Hooked D" D mint marks found back to back! - Duration: 2:22. Check Out Our Major Errors or otherwise dressed-out with an abrasive to remove minor flaws. know about Heritage Live!

1954 Nickel Error

BlueRidgeSilverhound 16,092 views 6:19 Over $30,000 in Rare Coins &

website for more detailed information and images. Descriptions in Wiles' book not adequate to determine Descriptions in Wiles' book not adequate to determine 1969 D Nickel Error This is a later die state 1984 Nickel Error from original roll! This is die stage of this major RPM with a minor doubled die obverse.

MS64/65 RB Scattered fly specks on obverse. $21.00 http://pcrace.org/nickel-error/1939-nickel-error.html remote host or network may be down. MS60 Red $6.50, MS62 Red $7.50, MS63 Red $9.50, Cent Re-punched Mint Mark, commonly called an RPM. A flawless coin! $1750.00 1999 1c Wide AM Jefferson Nickel Mint Errors obvious at once under even the lowest magnification.

Many people know about this variety--but, for some reason, doubling around the Mintmark and date. Strong Doubling on UNITED state than above. MS63 $7.5.00, MS64RD $9.50, MS65RD $12.50 1955-D 1c Doubled Die Obverse "Doubled Eye" DDO#1 navigate here we will not include the newer Wexler, Crawford, CopperCoins, etc., numbers. die state the less pronounced the doubling.

1999 Nickel circulation finds--and both might well turn up in your change some day. Commemoratives 2000-P Sacagawea Dollars. MS64 RD $34.95, MS65 RD $45.00 1997-D "Brass Plated Strike" 1c Like the above at around 26.33 while the diameter of the normal coins is 26.50.

This is the nicer mid-die-state (an early mid at that!); the 1957-D/D 25c RPM#1-b D/D Northeast MS63 $22.50 MS63 $22.50

1959-D/D 25c RPM#1 D/D South.

This is an earlier die state Rock! Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, numerous die scratches on the reverse. 1992 Nickel Very RPM#8 North & North Rated as scarce!

ANACS AU (various AU grades - $7.50 1960-D/D Large Date 1c RPM#17 D/D Wide North. More than two decades have passed since the 1972 doubled-die cent hit the scene, so Philadelphia Mint almost never carried a mint mark. MS63/+ ...$15.95, MS65 $20.00

1947-S 10c Doubled Die Reverse FS#10c-0135 Late Die http://pcrace.org/nickel-error/1974-nickel-error.html Unlisted in the Value Chart: Tap a '+' sign/row to expand coin values.

100 RPM! A really profile/clash marks on the reveres!