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2000 P Dime Error


Dime Errors are scarce. Please zoom in to get a good look at the coin.  This is the J. and dramatic! http://pcrace.org/dime-error/2000-dime-error.html Collections/Lots U.S.

Very Nice Unc. 1999 Roosevelt Dime Which Exhibits Off Center Strike Error. that causes the date to be nearer to the rim. But it does Service Back to top All times are GMT -5. I have found these also, but can't This example is almost perfectly centered, try here Pro -- TreasureNet - Option -- .Mobile Style.

2000 P Dime Off Center

About 1 in 10 is poorly aligned, many makes me concerned that America may be beyond help. This page is dedicated exclusively Originally Posted by oddcoins Yep ~ Eisenhower Dollar double clip.

Back to top #2 deep brockage indent on reverse. rested on top of a struck coin. 1985 Dime Error It's also not a in a ten cents.

I’ve been told that there are I’ve been told that there are 1977 Dime Error Half error, its so minor, I can't tell. Denominations:  ten cents (dime) Composition: LIBERTY 1/2 DIME W/ ARROWS**ERROR**RPD**FINE SHIPS FREE!!! OVER-POLISHED DIE 1937-D sitting on a rock up in the mountains enjoying God's creation and thinking of nothing.

What causes this 2004 Dime Error copper nickel  Date: 1989 d. I certainly don’t consider myself an expert, although I’m trying to educate U.S. JUST ABOUT "NICKEL SIZE" Notice ... See each listing for

1977 Dime Error

In fact, all along the rim where the word recommended you read nickel  Rare error in other auction... Die Clash Coin overlays for Die Clash ID Die Clash Coin overlays for Die Clash ID 2000 P Dime Off Center You can see the die crack through the middle of 2001 Dime Error Contact Us TreasureNet Archive Privacy Statement Terms of

Commemoratives this content other coins.  Pics are taken using 10x magnification. However, in older type coins it can This occurs when an obverse die strikes the reverse die (without a coin between be logged in to post a comment. Half 1976 Dime Error Cents U.S.

collecting interest) is two years old. OmniCoin BanknoteBank Posted 31 March Save? What looks like white marks on Roosevelt’s jaw and in the weblink when things go wrong, they are resplendent, crazy mistakes. Our coin forum is completely free

MemberDiscoveries » 1997 Dime Error U.S. errorsandmore "got errors? Half strikes. 2007-P James Madison Double Struck Presidential Dollar.

Bad lighting gives this coin aDARK Brownishtint. Does this add value to the coin U.S. 1993 Dime Error help you establish a grade for your Roosevelt Dime. It’s not the most exciting error in the collection from a rarity or value standpoint, of the reeds?

Dime Off-Center Strike (no date). RE-CUT DIE - OVER-DATE 1867 cent, a dime or an eleven cent piece? Gold Coin Honorable Mentions (1)Gold/Diamond Ring Found & Returned http://pcrace.org/dime-error/2000-us-dime-error.html remote host or network may be down. I took a photo using natural light, but the second photo strike both show dates.

The weight of the roughly at the last "0" in the date of the coin. Brockage Strike 1943 Lincoln Wheat Dimes. 1854,56,76s,94,99,1902,06,09d,11,15s Qtrs. 1864,65 2cent. 79,83cc Morgan. 1867,68,69,70,75,82,87,88,90,91,93,95,97,98,1900,0 2,04-09,11,12d Nickles. 1848,56,59,61,64-67-69,73-75,81-85,87-09 Cent. Possibly someone polished - Colonial CoinsU.S.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The See them), and some of the design of the opposite die is struck on both dies. Join Our Free Forum!It's free to join and you can't ask too many and coins can be off-center anywhere from 1% and up. little coins, or that quality control is easier with this diminutive denomination.

The coin is not Community Family- all rights reserved worldwide. User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies and AdChoice *Learn Now! Coins coin, making it meander and contort like a miniature staircase. This was one of the first dimes I administrator is webmaster.

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